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How do you create Exam Papers & Worksheets?

Most of the teachers do it - THE HARD WAY

Most of the teachers do it

Search questions

from books or internet


Typing & formatting

Maths symbols, digrams and typing



Diagrams, Mathematical equations and the layout



To make sure everything is alright


Preparing answer key

To check student's performance


How teachers with TestLo do it - THE SMART WAY

How teachers with TestLo do it

Select Chapters

From NCERT, Exemplar & Top Reference Books


Choose Questions

Select pre-typed and formatted questions


Question & Answer PDF is Ready

Download it ! Print it !


Question & Answer           PDF is Ready

Download it ! Print it !


Wondering? How Testlo Makes Your Life Easy??

Questions covered from NCERT Books, Exemplar and Popular reference books like RD Sharma, RS Agarwal, TS Grewal, DK Goel and many more.

Don't hussle with Maths equation typing, or diagrams placement. All questions text, diagrams and formats arae preset.

Be it case study, assertion reasoning, MCQ, we covered all types as per boards laters exam pattern.

Have your own set of developed questions? or want to modify ours?Don't worry, we got you covered. Give personalised touch to your exam paper!

All the questions within TestLo are in complaince with the NCERT Syllabus and exam guidlines provided by the Govt.

We understand preparing answer key is another challenge. Therefore, we have included all the answers too!

While developing TestLo, we have kept in mind that not every teacher is Tech-Savvy. Yes, just drag, drop and done!

TestLo comes with an advanced feature which helps you adjust the layout and format of the paper as per your need.

Filter questions based on various tags such as Difficulty-level, Nature of the question, Suggested marks and many more.

Testlo is power packed with 40+ subjects for classes 6th to 12th. So you don't need to search anything, anywhere else.

Numbers Speak, How Much Teachers Love Testlo

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Productive Hours Saved

TestLo is 12X QUICKER than any other traditional method

A teacher's time is precious and every single minute should be dedicated towards teaching

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TestLo offers a wide range of questions along with their answers which can help you create your own test series within a few minutes.

This can be a great way of marketing to attract new students to your institute.

Outdated marketing methods are a major bottleneck in the growth of your business. Replace them by new and creative ideas such as providing your personlised Test Series to the students and get them know you!

As they say, 'People buy from people they know' when students use your Product, you have already reached into their mind. Now, you just need to talk to them and acquire the admission.

Did You Know?

More than 1,00,000 Students Search for 'Test Series' On Google EVERY MONTH in India

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"Even we don't like to be stationary, TestLo is crafted in a way that it works with any device you have.

So, you can create exam papers and worksheet on the go..."

Let's See How Our Teachers Use TestLo

In the School Bus

I had to create a surprice test paper but could not find enough time at home. so I created one using TestLo in the bus on my way to the School. I think ease of access is what keeps me using TestLo more freuenly for my classes.

Staff Room just got more productive

For any teacher it is a very difficult task to carry all the textbooks and reference books with them all the time.

Using TestLo, I remember creating 5 different exam papers for half Yearly exam in less than an hour without stepping out of the staff room and the quality … Undoubtedly impressive!

Topic-wise Test For More Confidence

“I run a coaching Institute, earlier we used to take month test for each subject mainly because it takes a lot of time to create paper and prepare answer sheet every time.

But Honestly, with the help of TestLo, all of our teachers are now taking weekly and even topic wise tests which has helped our students effectively increse there performance with each test take undergo.”

Let’s Have A Closer Look
How Testlo Works

Select Class And Subject

From drop - down menu

Classes from 6th to 12th (All streams)

40+ Subjects available

Choose your subject from the list and proceed

Select Chapters

Choose from popular reference books i.e. NCERT, Exemplar, RD Sharma, HC Verma, RS Agarwal & many more

Total question count alongside Chapters

Select and Add Questions

Easy 'Drag-n-Drop' feature

Advanced filters like Chapters, Nature, Length, Difficulty Level, Marks, previous year papers

You can save paper as draft and edit anytime later

Question Paper is Ready

Add your institute logo and name

Make necessary edits (Change Font, image size, Format & more)

See your final preview and download pdf

Don't Forget the Answer Key

As soon as you create exam paper/ worksheet, answer key is prepared automatically

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All Papers and Worksheets saved securly on cloud, accessible from anywhere at anytime

Complete training, handholding and 24*7 support

The Content, Questions Types, Paper Formats updates as per boards latest guidelines.

TestLo keeps on updated to ensure best user experience

Accessible across devices and operating systems.

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The questions are taken from NCERT books, Exemplar and Top Reference books. We have over 300,000 questions available for classes from 6th to 12th all  subjects.

Testlo is a web-based platform, It works with both mobile & desktop. You can use it on any device without overloading your RAM.

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